Introducing Flyover / A Call for Submissions

Flyover Distro is an online archive that hosts anti-authoritarian, queer, and POC voices that are of/about the U.S. South. We are currently building capacity to publish new zines. All zines on Flyover are free to distribute and reproduce. We’re officially launching on Sept. 1st.

The purpose of this archive is to preserve radical southern zines that are out of circulation, share tactics for organizing in the south, and build a library of left southern history. We’re launching on September 1st, and we’d love your help in building our library and boosting our online presence.

We’ve built a starting library of 50 zines (!!!!) from radical spaces and asking friends. Can you forward this post to other zinesters (especially those who aren’t in Texas), and ask them to submit their work? Would you be willing to share this project on your social media? Do you have old zines that you want us to host?

Zines that we like:

  • History of radical organizations / collectives / projects in the u.s. South
  • poetry, art, and perzines from self-identified southerners
  • activist tactics dreamed up by southerners (bonus points if you have a reportback from how these tactics translated into action!)
  • critiques of everything

Ways to help:

  • Forward this post to your zinester friends / dig out your old zines and submit them.
  • Share Flyover via twitter or facebook or your blog
  • Read the zines!

Flyover Distribution also has a physical library in the Solidarity Houston community center, located at 2805 Wichita St, Houston TX 77004. I hope you can stop by if you are ever in Houston! If you have any questions about the project, feel free to shoot us an email or phone call or tweet us.

with love,

Lena & Cecelia

& Flyover Zine Distro

you can keep up with us on your preferred social media:

Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Flyover Distro


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