Memoirs of a Queer Hapa #2, by Jackie Loneberry Wang. 2009, Sarasota, FL.

half perzine and half activist tool, a zine about queer, mixed race identity and anti-racism.

Download transposed version here.


Urban Bikeage Assault,  by the M. Stranger. Year unknown, Temple Terrace, FL.

A short zine about city biking strategies, rage, and community.

Download transposed version here.


Radical Cheerleader Handbook #3 by Mango Shears. Year unknown, Lake Worth, FL.

a collection of radical, feminist, and anti-capitalist chants from the home of radical cheerleading: florida. Features a list of all known radical cheerleading chapters and really awesome graphics.

Download transposed version here.


Forward the Revolutionary African National Democratic Struggle: An African working class response to the Barack Obama candidacy by Omali Yeshitela. 2008, St. Petersburg, FL.

A longer academic zine with a socialist lens that analyzes the Obama presidency and what that looks like for working class Africans.

Download transposed version here.




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