No Change Will Come: Police Brutality in Houston by All Communities Against Brutality (A.C.A.B) Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

Trigger warning: KKK imagery / cops being cops. This zine is about the links between policing and white supremacy, and how police brutality targets communities of color. Puts particular focus on situating police violence as systemic, rather than an individual’s abuse of power.

Download transposed version here.


Never Let Them Have the Streets by Ben B. Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

A brief (very brief) history of militant anti-fascism, especially militant anti-fascism work done by youth. Super fun, super accessible.

Download transposed version here.


No One Is Illegal by James C. 2006, Austin, TX.

A short zine about the white supremacy and xenophobia, and how that shapes the conversation about immigration to the u.s.

Download transposed version here.


I Know What You Did To Me by Billie Strain. Year Unknown, Austin, TX.

A perzine about rape/sexual assault, surviving, and accountability. Haunting, beautiful, validating.

Download transposed version here.


Cross My Heart (hope to die) by Billie Strain. Year Unknown, Austin, TX.

A perzine about rape/sexual assault, surviving, and accountability.

Download transposed version here.


ra – di – kel, vol. 1, issue 1 by creative women unite. 2010, Houston, TX.

A compilation arts zine from Houston women, featuring art, poetry and history.

Download transposed version here.


The H-Town Down Together Collective by Down Together House. 2011, Houston, TX.

A zine from Houston’s radical co-op, part perzine, part how-to, with references to dynamics in Houston’s occupy movement, but not specifically about Occupy.

Download transposed version here.


Kicking Sexual Assault Out of Our Community by Emmalee. Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

A compilation of resources around sexual assault, compiled specifically for the Houston community. Long, useful.

Download transposed version here.


Our Culture, Our Resistance: People of Color Speak Out on Anarchism, Race, Class and Gender by Ernesto Aguilar, Ashanti Alston, Sara Ramirez Galindo, Heather Ajani, Tiffany King, Soo Na, Victoria Law.  Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

Mostly a collection of essays from the above authors – originally planned as a book, it was rejected from AK Press and self released as this zine project. Volume two is available on a different distro.

Download transposed version here.


So Let Me Tell You About How Things Are Here  by Gilbert Garcia. 1995, Austin, TX.

Mostly visual art and poetry – not a compilation. The whole zine is a poem.

Download transposed version here.


Planning Civil Disobedience: Going Through The Courts by Houston Animal Rights Team. Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

Answers questions like what is civil disobedience? What security measures are important? And some attention paid to what going through the legal system will look like.

Download transposed version here.


Wintu: A Life In Parts by Jennifer Farley. 2005, Fort Worth, TX.

A perzine about raising a kid.

Download transposed version here.


Transistor Radio #2 by Mad Sheep. Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

A perzine from a transmasculine perspective, about music, college, and trans identity.

Download transposed version here.


Monkey Love Bite Zine by Monkey Wrench Books. 2005, Austin, TX.

An omnibus art zine from the monkey wrench books collective.

Download transposed version here.


A Critique of the Revolutionary Communist Party by Nick Cooper. Year Unknown, Houston, TX.

A Houston-based critique of the RCP’s tactics and actions.

Download transposed version here.


Guide to Researching Your Campus by Nick Schwellenbach. 2003, Austin, TX.

A practical guide to student activism, from the University of Texas at Austin.

Download transposed version here.


An Activist Approach to Domestic Violence by Planting Seeds. 2004, Austin, TX.

An original resource about DV and activist communities.

 Download transposed version here.


On the Road to Healing: A Booklet for Men Against Sexism by Planting Seeds. Year Unknown, Austin, TX.

An original resource about patriarchy, male identity, and feminist identity formation for men.

Download transposed version here.


Static by Rachel George. Year unknown, Houston, TX.

A short art zine about how to we conceptualize abstract ideas. Super cute.

Download transposed version here.


The Alarm by RoBlock. 2005 – 2006, Houston, TX.

A radical newsletter with interviews, upcoming events and features from the Houston radical community.

Download transposed versions:

The Alarm #1 | The Alarm #2 | The Alarm #3 : Cultivating the Roots of Resistance


University of Houston (Dis)Orientation Guide by Students for a Democratic Society. 2009, Houston, TX.

A student’s guide to important issues around the University of Houston including gentrification and radical Houston hubs.

Download transposed version here.


Homemade Boat #2 by Unknown. 2007, Austin, TX.

A guide to Austin’s radical community, with some poetry and features thrown in. References Treasure City Thrift, Austin Food Not Bombs, Monkey Wrench and Resistencia.

Download transposed version here.


ATX Radical Mental Health by ATX RMH. Year Unknown, Austin TX.

A short zine announcing the formation of Austin’s radical mental health collective.

Download transposed version here.


R.I.O.T. NOW! zine #1 by Unknown. Year unknown, Houston, TX.

A zine about feminism, anarchism, dumpstering and music.

Download transposed version here.


The Toilet Papers by Unknown. Year unknown, Spring TX.

An anarchist punk zine with comics and some political pieces.

Download transposed versions:

Toilet Papers #1 | Toilet Papers #2


Shattered Glass: Reflections on Anarchists and Broken Windows by Unknown. 2013, Austin TX.

A selection of unattributed quotes on anarchists and property destruction, from anarchists, news outlets, and others. Art zine.

Download transposed version here.


Something for Nothings by Lars. 2011, Austin TX.

A zine about gender identity, queerness and nonbinary / nothing identities. This is a good introduction text.

Download transposed version here.


Fall Into Place #4 by Anthony. Year unknown, Houston TX.

A perzine that touches on anxiety, college.

Download transposed version here.


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