SLAG Mag: SoHO by Jon Henry & Hermelinda Cortes, 2014, Harrisburg, Virginia.

SoHO (playing on the urban centers) means Southern Homosexual. The curating quest grew out of our mutual work with Southerners On New Ground (SONG) following their Small Town Crossroads research/listening publication.

SLAG Mag is a quarterly zine published by the Old Furnace Artist Residency, which provides free residencies (+ events) to folks engaging in social justice work.


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Reframing the Question of Gun Control in the Context of a School Shooting

Reframing the Question of Gun Control in the Context of a School Shooting, by Francesca. 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana.

From the zine:

“Whether your mass murderer talking point is an amateur white supremacist, wears a badge, or holds office, I think the desire to become any one of those is planted in the nuclear home, to school, to prison/ career pipeline and should be eliminated at the source. As corny as it sounds, I want to build bridges and take down walls because I think gaps and walls are the main ingredients in recipes for mass murder. I think the question of why kids become mass murderers is something that the gun reform framework can’t and doesn’t intend to answer.”

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Houston’s Only Infoshop(s): The Sedition Library 2006 – 2016


“Houston’s Only Infoshop(s): The Sedition Library 2006-2016” is a narrative history of the Sedition Books collective, which would later turn into East Side Social Center, and then to Solidarity Houston. Houston’s Only Infoshop(s) is a zine constructed from interviews with collective members and primary sources, by Lena Melinger. She pays particular attention to the shifting ideologies of the collective, the experiments, and the nuts and bolts of running an anarchist infoshop in the South.


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