Building New Economies

Building New Economies, by the Asheville Ways and Means Committee. Year Unknown [after 2006], Asheville, NC.

A collection of articles around alternatives to capitalism.

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How to Create a Youth-Run Youth Center

How to Create A Youth-Run Youth Center, by Andy Snyder. 1997, Venice, Florida.

A reportback on the successes, failures and ideas behind a youth-run youth center. From the zine:

real DEMOCRACY is when…

the WORKERS manage the WORKPLACE

the STUDENTS run the SKOOL

the INMATES are running the ASYLUM

and the KIDS run the YOUTH-CENTER!

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I Will Not Crawl

I Will Not Crawl: Excerpts from Robert F. Williams on Black Struggle and Armed Self Defense in Monroe, NC by Robert F. Williams, compiled by the NC Piece Corps. Year Unknown, Carrboro, NC.

This publication offers a brief biographical sketch of an incredible man named Robert F. Williams, along with several chapters excerpted from his famous 1962 book Negroes with Guns. Though less well known than more urban groups like the Black Panthers, the words and actions of Monroe, NC’s militant NAACP chapter were tremendously influential on later organizations that advocated self-determination, autonomy, equality, and self-defense.

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The Stockade Stood Burning

The Stockade Stood Burning: Rebellion and the Convict Lease in Tennessee’s Coalfields 1891 – 1895  by Sweet Tea. Year unknown, Carrboro, NC.

This zine covers an obscure but phenomenal story of coal miners’ and convicts’ joint rebellion against the convict leasing system in post-Civil War Tennessee. Touching on the issues of prison growth, racial identities in the South, the limitations of demand-oriented movements, and the application of contemporary insurrectionary perspectives in understanding historical phenomena, it is “required reading” for anyone interested in appalachian social movements, anti-prison struggles, or the historical positioning of the Southern white worker.

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