I Have Some Zines, Do You Want Them?

To be hosted in this archive, you only need to meet two criteria:

  • Zinester self-identifies as either a southerner or a former southerner.
  • Zine topic or zinester identifies as part of the radical left.

We don’t archive:

  • Reprints of non-southern theorists on presses based in the south

The purpose of the archive is to put southern zines back into circulation, and distribute free literature of/for the south. If you are a radical southern zinester who is currently selling your zine, we won’t include it in the archive, but we will link to your website. All works in the archive are free to redistribute and reproduce. The archive is made of zines that are copyleft or out of circulation.

My Zine Has Never Been Published, Will You Host It?

Send it to flyoverdistro@gmail.com and let’s talk about it. We’re starting to publish new zines on Sept. 1 2014. The archive went online on July 9th 2014.

What’s the South?
The southwest, gulf coast, southeast. North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

There’s Something Oppressive In Your Zines.
Because this is an archive and not a curated collection, there may be zines that have messed up language or approaches in this archive. While we will not remove them, because the fuck ups are important to know as well as the badass organizing, we will put a very visible content warning for oppressive shit on its page. If you find an oppressive zine that doesn’t have a warning, please email flyoverdistro@gmail.com with the name of the zine and the warning you’d like to see.

Who Gets To Be a Radical?
When we say that this is a radical zine distro, we mean that we host zines from brown, black and asian people against white supremacy, from indigenous peoples, from mixed race people. We host zines from people sick of the unbearable whiteness of the (visible, recognized) radical left.

We host zines from queers, dykes, fags, trans folks, nonbinary unicorns, lesbians, gays, same gender loving, two spirit, gender anarchists, bisexuals, polysexuals, try-sexuals, don’t-tell-me-who-to-fuck sexuals, asexuals, heteroflexibles and people who experiment with sexuality and gender so much that they don’t even remember what the reductive terms up there mean. We host zines from people of any gender or gender fluidity.

We host zines from working class people, marxists, anarchists, anti-authoritarians, (formerly or currently) incarcerated folks, poor people, unaffiliated and alienated people with shit jobs and everyone else that hates capitalism and cops, no matter what economic label they pick.


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